Weekly Wrap 687: From tequila to a departure

My week of Monday 24 to Sunday 30 July 2023 began with tequila, moved through client work in the form of a blog piece and a podcast, as well as a day in Lidcombe, and finished with the death of a friend.

On Saturday, Trudi Hollinsworth passed away, as the phrase goes, “peacefully and surrounded by family”. She was the much-loved wife of Richard Chirgwin, with whom she owned Bunjaree Cottages, the Blue Mountains property where I’ve been based for more than a decade.

Trudi was remarkable. Around 12 years ago she was diagnosed with vasculitis, a poorly-understood category of diseases where your immune systems decides that your own blood vessels are now the enemy. She’d originally been given just a few weeks to live. Instead, she became the longest-living vasculitis case known in Australia, and possibly the world. Papers have been written about her case.

She will be sorely missed by Richard, their sons William and Michael, and they family and friends.


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Twitter is no more. Kinda. Elon Musk pressed the button on the rebranding to X, but soon discovered the hard was that it’s difficult to change everything at once.

In other news:

The Week Ahead

On Tuesday a friend will be joining me for lunch on the Blue Mountains, after I’ve dealt with a client meeting. [Update 1 August 2023: The meeting has been postponed.]Then on Wednesday I’ll take a day trip to Sydney for a variety of reasons.

All my work will be organised around those two scheduled items, snd presumably also a funeral.

Further Ahead FIX

[Photo: A margarita, photographed at Champagne Charlie’s at the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, on 24 July 2023 for National (and perhaps World) Tequila Day.]