Weekly Wrap 715: Little productivity, plenty of sleep, a bold magpie, and podcast plans

I accomplished very little during my week of Monday 5 to Sunday 11 February 2024, and even spent most of the weekend asleep. I’m hoping this goes me the energy for what is going to be a busy week ahead — including two or perhaps even three podcast recordings.

I think I was fighting a cold or something. These times are very weird. And the magpies are taking over my consciousness. Oh no!


  • The Weekly Cybers #4. Wet-lettuce robodebt sanctions, more Digital ID special pleading, and the DTA almost does something. Yes, even though the political journalists were focused on the Stage 3 tax changes and industrial relations laws, a lot more was going on in Canberra 

I suspect that the word “cybers” in the title may have led some people to think this newsletter is about cybersecurity and related topics, even though I’ve written quite a bit about that in recent years, but no. The tag line I’m currently using is “a personal look at what the Australian government has been saying and doing in the digital and cyber realms, on various adjacent topics, and whatever else interests me”.

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There will be three more special-guest episodes of The 9pm Edict before the end of February, plus a solo episode and one with Snarky Platypus. The first few of these are listed below.


Much like climate change is causing increasing erratic and extreme weather, Elon Musk’s increasingly erratic behaviour — whatever might be causing it — is causing some astounding extremes of news.

I suspect it’s probably unhealthy for me, but I feel compelled to watch Musk’s decline in detail every week. So here we are.

In other news, I’ve got quite a few random Interesting Links this week:

The Week Ahead

Monday through Wednesday will include a little client work, because I really do need to do some this month. I’ll also produce a brief solo episode The 9pm Edict podcast in there somewhere, having abandoned my plan from last week to slot in a Sydney day. [Update 16 February 2024: No, that was a bit of an optimistic idea. I have been very, very tired this week.]

On Thursday morning I’m recording an episode with Justin Warren, “consultant, freedom of information tragic, hexagon enthusiast, and creator of the CyberRating™ labelling scheme”.

If you’re a supporter with TRIGGER WORDS or a CONVERSATION TOPIC for this episode with Justin Warren, please get them to me by 6pm AEDT this Wednesday 14 February.

On Saturday afternoon I’m recording another episode with Snarky Platypus. This time we’ll include a chat about the three Liberal party prime ministers who featured in the ABC TV series Nemesis, which in Australia you can watch on iView: Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, and Scott Morrison — although we’ll doubtless talk about other things as well.

if you’re a supporter with TRIGGER WORDS or a CONVERSATION TOPIC for this episode with Snarky Platypus, please get them to me by 12 midday AEDT this Saturday 17 February. I’m also interested to know what you thought about Nemesis so feel free to send me your comments about the series, either in written words or as an audio file.

Saturday night I’m going to the Lunar Comedy Gala 2024 in Chatswood. It was fun last year so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be staying in Sydney overnight because…

I’ve been persuaded to go to Mardi Gras Fair Day on Sunday because I haven’t been since 2002. I am guessing that very little has changed. [Update 16 February 2024: Mardi Gras Fair Day has been cancelled due to asbestos contamination in Victoria Park.]

Further Ahead

I’ve put out some feelers for podcast gusts for the second half of the month, but they haven’t been locked in yet. So this is the same as last week.

[Photo: This particular juvenile Australian magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen) has become so bold that it will even hop up onto my desk to demand food. I have named it Jason, even though I’m not sure of its sex. Photographed on 1 February 2024, which I know is last week but it will have to do.]