Weekly Wrap 716: Dragon the productivity back into my life

My week of Monday 12 to Sunday 18 February 2024 was productive but not especially profitable. I recorded two podcasts, posting one of them on Saturday, and launched next season’s crowdfunding campaign.

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As summer draws to a close it’s time to look ahead and fund another series of my terrible podcast for grown-ups, The 9pm Edict.

This week I launched another Pozible crowdfunding campaign The 9pm Autumn Series 2024.

Please click through, read the usual blurb, and maybe even pledge your support — or at least tell your friends about the podcast. You have until 7 March at 9pm AEDT.

At the time of writing we’re almost 14% of the way to Target One.

I’m determined that the podcast should never have those terrible, badly-placed adverts. But that means I need income while I produce them. Thanks to you generous supporters, I’ve been able to do that for a few years now. Let’s continue, shall we?


  • The 9pm Artificially Intelligent Millipede Menace with Justin Warren, recorded on Thursday and posted on Saturday. In this episode we talk about panic, generative AI, millipedes, why Taylor Swift fans are so few in number that we need to create more of them using AI, smart toothbrushes, Elon Musk (briefly), disinformation, and the enshittification of everything.


  • The Weekly Cybers #5. A rush to criminalise doxxing, progress on government AI, a $4.7 billion GST fraud, and more. 

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My Muskwatch continues. There is something wrong with me.

In other news:

The Week Ahead

It’s a gentle start to the week, including this Weekly Wrap on Monday afternoon rather than Sunday evening.

Spread over the first three days will be the editing of the podcast I recorded on Saturday with Snarky Platypus — we chatted for way too long about the ABC TV program Nemesis.

Throughout the week I’ll be trying to focus on some client work, and figuring out how to survive for the rest of the month after a period of unexpectedly low income.

I should mention again — I think I’ve said this before — that my plans often talk about doing client work but in reality it often doesn’t happen. Or when it does, it’s a tiny number of hours. My sleep problems work against me, and for some reason it’s been particularly fierce in recent weeks. Sigh.

[Update 21 February 2024: The podcast episode with Snarky Platypus will be posted some time on Friday. Then on Saturday night I’m recording an episode with Scottish author and social researcher David F Porteous III, who’s been on the podcast several time before. If you’re a supporter with TRIGGER WORDS or a CONVERSATION TOPIC for that episode, please get them to me by 9pm AEDT this Friday 23 February.]

Further Ahead

[Photo: Model of a dragon — it seems wrong to call it a sculpture when it’s designed to be illuminated from the inside — to celebrate Lunar New Year on George Street, Sydney. It’s one of a series of all 12 Chinese zodiac symbols that runs down the western side of the street from Town Hall to Haymarket. Photographed on 18 February 2024.]