Weekly Wrap 720: Wrapping up a podcast series, performing some geekery, and remembering a random cruise ship

This week, Monday 11 to Sunday 17 March 2024, I wrapped up my summer series of podcasts and dealt with a chunk of geekery for a couple of clients. That left no time for any proper photography, apart from more damn birds and other critters, and you’ve seen enough of them lately. That’s why you’re looking at a ship from 2018. Exciting.

Actually on the photography thing, the main problem is that I only left the compound once this week, and that was just a brief shopping run. The lack of fresh and varied photography is more about my current stay-at-home lifestyle than lack of inspiration. I should probably fix that.


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  • The Weekly Cybers #9. It’s many small items this week, plus a podcast about international cyber law and things — the latter being the one mentioned immediately above.

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Coverage of Elon Musk is become ever more like celebrity gossip and disaster porn than news of an actual competent business operator and technology investor. So, in a way it’s more accurate.

In other news:

The Week Ahead

On Monday and Tuesday I’ll attempt some client work. Stop laughing.

On Wednesday, the building I inhabit at Bunjaree Cottages is scheduled to be fitted with a new roof. The tradies are booked in to arrive at 7am, as tradies do, so I’m planning to get out of the way. I’ll spend the day in Sydney for various purposes. It’s also the Equinox at 1407 AEDT so I might celebrate that in some way.

Currently, however, rain is forecast for Wednesday. If that forecast holds up, which it probably almost certainly will, the roofers will postpone their work. Nevertheless, I will still do my Sydney trip that day, because I’ve already locked in a bunch of appointments. — back maintenance, a routine eye test, a haircut, and various errands and logistical necessities.

[Update 19 March 2024: I reckon it’s almost certain that the roofers will postpone their work so I have in fact rescheduled my Sydney day and all those appointments to Thursday. How exciting!]

[Update 20 March 2024: So the roofers had meant to say “20 May” not “20 March”, and they only discovered their mistake this morning. Hilarity ensued. Still, they’ve managed to reschedule it for this Friday 22 March, which is fantastic service.]

On Friday I’m starting a session of housesitting in Sydney which will run through to 2 April or thereabouts. Should you be wanting to catch up with me in Sydney, this would be a good time. I’ll probably schedule some podcast recordings in there too.

[Update 22 March 2024: Yet another change of plans. The materials for the new roof have been dropped off Friday morning, but the actual work will now be done on Saturday. I hope you’re enjoying the narrative.]

On Saturday it’s the state election in Tasmania, so in the evening I’ll catch up with a co-conspirator (yes that one), open a bottle of wine (or maybe two) and watch the ABC’s Antony Green do his special thing on TV.

Further Ahead

[Photo: Cruise liner Ovation of the Seas at Circular Quay, Sydney, during the Beforetimes on 13 March 2018.]