Weekly Wrap 731: Two kinds of cloud plus some rain, no podcasts, but a catch-up is imminent

My week of Monday 27 May to Sunday 2 June 2024 was dominated by poor sleep patterns, which I’m putting down to the start of the cooler weather. The podcast production schedule was pushed back, and productivity was low. But I am happy enough.

Yes, this is being posted a day late. My fatigue levels can be a little challenging sometimes.


  • The Weekly Cybers #20. eSafety dominates the news this week. There’s also a new National Robotics Strategy, news of recent hacks, and a glorious new government excuse for not doing things.

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Podcasts, Media Appearances, Photos, Videos, Corporate Largesse

None of these, but you’ll get two podcasts in the coming week, one on Monday and one on Saturday, and then another one on Monday next week. See below.

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I’ll skip the bitchfight over whether Musk should be paid $56 billion for just one of his part-time jobs. This week’s stories are amusing enough.

In other news:

The Week Ahead

My main focus this week is wrapping up the autumn series of my terrible podcast, The 9pm Edict. Yes, I know it’s officially winter already, and I’ll kick off the crowdfunder for the winter series at some point, but the there remaining autumn series episodes are locked in.

On Monday I’ll finally edit and post the podcast with Esther Anatolitis, editor of literary quarterly Meanjin and other things, which was recorded back on 20 May — although there’s a chance it’ll slide into Tuesday.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll pretend to do some other work.

On Thursday I’m recording a podcast with Zoe Jay Hawkins, head of policy design at ANU’s Tech Policy Design Centre. One topic will be her recent article at The Conversation, What does AI mean for Australian democracy? And what can we do about it?, but I’m sure we’ll find plenty of other things to talk about.

If you’re a supporter with TRIGGER WORDS or a CONVERSATION TOPIC for that episode, please get them to me by 4pm AEST this Wednesday 5 June. The finished episode will be posted on Saturday.

On Saturday evening I’m recording a podcast with Scottish author and social researcher David F Porteous, We’re bound to talk about the impending UK Elections, but if you’re a supporter with TRIGGER WORDS or a CONVERSATION TOPIC for that episode, please get them to me by 7pm AEST this Friday 7 June. This episode will be posted on Monday 10 June, the King’s Birthday.

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Further Ahead

[Photo: The viewing platform at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre in Katoomba, photographed on the afternoon of 1 June 2024 when the whole town was inside a cloud and there was nothing to see.]