Everything is better on ice…

Poster for the movie High School Musical

When I went to Thailand last year, Thai Airways International was generally excellent — except for their choice of in-flight movies. Sorry, but even after a couple glasses of wine and several brandies High School Musical is a piece of shit.

I’d originally guessed that it was only screened because it somehow matched the Thai sense of sentimentality. But no. I soon discovered it was such a success — it even won an Emmy! — that Disney made a sequel with the imaginative title High School Musical 2.

I was really, really hoping that was going to be the end of the story. But no (again). Touring Australia in April and May is… High School Musical: The Ice Tour.

Sadly, this show doesn’t involve the dentally-perfect racially-balanced lead characters in some meth-fuelled rampage but… yes… ice skates. Somebody get me a bucket.

3 Replies to “Everything is better on ice…”

  1. I think I would need more than ice that you need to see it. Ice and lots of gin too! Perhaps doped out it might be better…

  2. This post was just an excuse to tag “methamphetamine” and “high school musical” in the same post.

    Anyway, you would think Disney could churn out a couple of decent bubblegum pop songs by now, but no, the music from this franchise is irredeemably shit.

  3. @Fiona: Well certainly the brandy being handed out by the purser on Thai Airways was insufficient. They didn’t seem to be offering anything stronger. Are you allowed to spliff up on an aircraft these days?

    @Snarky Platypus: Look, I am still getting most of my web search traffic from “steve irwin jokes” and “heath ledger jokes” and “used knickers”, so I thought a change of pace was needed. What better combination than fresh-faced high school students, methamphetamines and a song or two?

    Actually, it was mostly because you refused my invitation to go to the show. You wouldn’t even touch the flyer, if I recall correctly. So I had to extrude my horror somewhere! The flyer has now been shredded.

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