The 9pm Road to War

Screenshot from WCSC Live 5 News: click for original news story

Prime Minister Tony Abbott points to the enemy, and to the difficult road ahead. What road is that? Foreign Minister Julie Bishop gives a clue.

We also determine the three key differences between Philip Ruddock and a mechanical duck.

We award elephant stamps for people who have been exceptional in the category of thinking to the authorities of Summerville, South Carolina, for arresting a 9th-grader for an alleged dinosaur killing (pictured above), and the 20-year-old man arrested at Riverwood on 26 August.

And we introduce a new segment, Ubergasm, exploring the work of our favourite libertarian disruptors. Today we hear about Uber’s playbook for sabotaging Lyft and a tweet from PR columnist Ed Zitron.

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[Credits: Photograph: Snippet from Edwin Starr’s “War (What is it good for)” was “obtained” via YouTube. Audio of Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop is from ABC Radio’s PM. Audio of US Defense Secretary Chuck Hegel and General Jack Keane is from Fox News. Audio of Scott Morrison before the Australian Human Rights Commission is from ABC Radio’s The World Today. Audio for the report of the alleged dinosaur killing is from WCSC Live 5 News. The 9pm Edict theme by mansardian, Edict fanfare by neonaeon, all from The Freesound Project. Photograph of Stilgherrian taken 29 March 2009 by misswired, used by permission.]

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