Hey, classy antlers, Doc!

Photograph of mixed media artwork Royal Stags by Kate Rohde

The Snarky Platypus will appreciate this one, I’m sure. This is Royal Stags, a mixed media artwork from 2005 by Kate Rohde which is currently gracing the walls at Sydney’s Gallery 4a.

It’s part of an exhibition called 4αXY, which celebrates the gallery’s 10th birthday by exhibiting works from the collection of Dr Dick Quan who, as I’ve mentioned before, is a passionate collector of contemporary Australian and Asian art.

Dr Quan has been a supporter of Gallery 4a, run by the Asian Australian Artists Association Inc, from the very beginning. The works on show are not just personal choices. “The aesthetic climate change that I see is a really interesting world that we can’t fear,” he says. “We have to give it a really big smooch!”

4αXY includes works by Angelo Filomeno, Shaun Gladwell, Peter Graham, Ken Kagami and Wang Guan-Yi as well, and it runs until 1 December. The photo of Royal Stags is mine, taken on my phone.

3 Replies to “Hey, classy antlers, Doc!”

  1. @Snarky Platypus: The antlers seem to be well attached to the stags’ heads. I don’t know for sure, I didn’t try removing them. “Look with your eyes, not your hands,” as my mother always screeched at me. So if you want them, you’ll have to take on Dr Quan.

    Maybe you can get Kate Rohde to make a set just for you?

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