Thailand’s worst fruit carving

Photograph of a mandarin skin cut into a spiral, with several watermelon seeds

One of Thailand’s traditional handicrafts is fruit carving. Indeed, it’s impossible to go to any Thai community event without seeing a plethora of intricately-shaped melons and carrots to delight the eye.

In this photograph, ’Pong demonstrates that he’s the worst fruit carver that Thailand has ever seen.

I dunno, maybe his creativity was stifled by the fact that it was early in the morning. And I suppose there’s only so much you can do with a hotel butter knife.

Nonetheless, I do recommend you check out his post about Thai alternative music.

6 Replies to “Thailand’s worst fruit carving”

  1. @’Pong: As Alex Willemyns reminds us, John Safran explained this use of “alternative”…

    I never understood what the term alternative music meant; in your case it means an alternative to entertainment.

    In this case it means “alternative to quality”. 😛

  2. I like it.
    Although perhaps if it were photographed with less skill it wouldn’t be so appealing. (end pun unintentional)

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