Saturday Night Trivia, Question 1

Call yourself an Australian? Cool. Does the name Vincent Lingiari mean anything? No? Well, OK, doesn’t to me either.

But, you know, I just heard Archie Roach and Sara Storer singing his story on RockWiz. And bugger me, it turns out he’s one of the country’s most important human rights activists.

Bloody embarrassing not to know that, eh?

I mean, you’re probably more likely to remember, oh, that woman on a bus, who was she again?

Web’s Short Attention Span (plus more)

If you’re writing for the web, get to the point! The average home user spends only 52 seconds on a web page.

Other useful facts from Nielsen/NetRatings’ June 2006 figures:

  • The average home user has 36 web-browsing sessions per month, visiting a total of 63 unique domains.
  • There are 10,546,747 active “digital media” consumers in Australia (does that mean “Internet users?), out of an estimated 13,745,868 potential users.