Look at the emergencies! Hear the Earth!

Two views of the Earth which help put things in perspective — AlertMap and Breathing Earth.

Alert Map

AlertMap (and the original Hungarian version) shows the emergencies and disasters happening on earth right now in real time — everything in the last 24 hours including biological hazards, epidemics, earthquakes, tropical storms, tornados, hail, aviation accidents, active volcanoes and more. Click on each icon for a detailed description and map.

No, that’s not nuclear fallout in New South Wales, just a toxic algae bloom.

Breathing Earth

But Breathing Earth is perhaps more awe-inspiring. It’s a simulation in real time — people being born and dying, and carbon dioxide being dumped, scattered about the map in true proportion. Watch and listen for a few minutes of quiet reflection on your place in the world.

Thanks to _information aesthetics_ for the pointers.

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  1. They’re fantastic real time maps. I would say, for Breathing Earth, we live in a farting earth. Like to see real time areas producing oxygen too. Would we expect less and less green.

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