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  1. if u want to improve your blog, change the way you display your postings. some of them dont have headings and the comments tag is in different spots – it can be difficult to follow.

  2. @Fiona: Thanks for the feedback. The posts without headings are asides or, as I call them, “notes”. I don’t think a couple of sentences need all the grandeur of a title — though if you were reading this blog in an RSS reader you’d find that they do actually have titles “under the hood”.

    The varying position of the comments link is a usability issue, yes, but I’m not going to give any priority to fixing that. The page layout is set by the Tarski theme, and if the Tarski authors fix it, fine. Otherwise I have higher-priority things to deal with.

  3. In the time it took you to write the post above you could have fixed it. C’mon…

  4. Oh stop whining.

    you’re like one of my girlfriends (i’m guessing you’re either a girl or you’re gay). So this is how u carry on when someone tries to give constructive advice? I’ve got some advice for you: LOSE THE EGO

  5. @Fiona: Pot. Kettle. Black. Watch the attitude. No personal attacks, thanks. I don’t care what you do elsewhere but when you’re in my space I expect a more civilised standard of debate. First and final warning or, as Zhasper accurately puts it, you can fuck the hell off.

    (And before you bother with a “He started it” routine, it’s worth noting that the people who seem to get away with a “robust standard of commentary” here are old friends or people who’ve contributed to a more intelligent standard of critique. You have yet to prove yourself worthy.)

    What did you say the URL of your website was again…?

    @Zhasper: Nah, not hypocritical. You’re politely pointing out a real usability issue. But, like Fiona’s whinge about comment links being in different positions, it’s still a fair way down my list of priorities.

  6. Stilgherrian: Now it’s trying to make me say my name is Fiona. Not On!

    Fiona: You weren’t offering me anything, except an ad hominem attack. I was reacting to you being irritating, rude, and generally unwanted.

    Stilgherrian: I apologise for turning your comments into a flamewar. I won’t do it again, promise. This little bitch can rot in a nasty dank rotting place, but I’m not going to waste any more attention on her.

  7. This is getting hot in here. Fiona, you really should be in the politics, commenting constructive advice that gives us nothing useful.

  8. @Zhasper: Slow night at work? 😉

    Don’t worry about fanning a potential flame war, for two reasons…

    1. I produced more than 4000 hours of talk and talkback radio for the ABC, and only the gods know how much for others. I’ve been online since FidoNet days. I reckon I’ve seen every kind of trolling and flaming there is to see. I’ve been personally abused by professionals at the game — ministerial chiefs of staff have a particularly rich palette of colourful terms of abuse. In a “complex” personal life I’ve seen a swathe of attention-seeking behaviour too. And, for that matter, I’ve talked The Crazy Guy with The Knife into handing me his weapon. This is kid’s stuff — figuratively and, I’m guessing, literally.
    2. I know where the “delete” button is.

    You know, Point 1 there contains the seeds of far more interesting conversations, doesn’t it!

    @’Pong: Nah in politics you actually need to understand how your comments will be received and the impact they’ll have on your own political capital.

  9. “Nah in politics you actually need to understand how your comments will be received and the impact they’ll have on your own political capital.”

    Unless you’re Peter Costello…

  10. 1. Still wanting me to use the last poster’s name.
    2. I’m not worried about fanning a flame war, iffing it was justified. However, people who refuse to contribute anything except whining that other peoples sites aren’t built to their liking don’t deserve attention.

  11. Just for the record, Fiona just tried to post a comment which was nothing but a stream of personal abuse. It will not be published — and neither will anything else she writes.

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