Weekly Wrap 193: Mid-month surge, then rain and planes

Sydney airport before dawn: click for original imageMy week of Monday 10 to Sunday 16 February 2014 isn’t quite finished, but today is effectively the start of a new working week so… well, here we are. Before breakfast at Sydney Airport. Or right next to it. Call it a wrap of Monday to Saturday.

It seems that I switched from early-month torpor to late-month productivity around mid-week. We’ll see how that pans out over the next few days. But I do think I’m starting to identity a clear pattern here.


Media Appearances


I suppose I should give better prominence to 5at5, the “email letter” that I started two weeks ago. I’ve actually managed to stick to the daily routine — albeit with some wobbliness in the “around 5pm Sydney time” part of the deal — and it seems like people are liking it. Enjoy.

Corporate Largesse

  • Today I’m heading to the Gold Coast for the three-day Tech Leaders Forum 2014, formerly known as Kickstart Forum, an event I’ve attended in previous years. The event organisers cover my airfares and accommodation, and there’s usually plenty of food and drink and various freebies from the vendors who pay for it all. I’ll list all of the largesse next week so it’s all in the one place.

The Week Ahead

I’ll be on the Gold Coast through until Tuesday evening, fully occupied with the aforementioned event. I’ll then return to the Blue Mountains for a solid week of writing. There’s nothing locked in for Sydney at this stage, but of course that may change.

[Photo: Sydney airport before dawn, taken shortly before the post was published.]

2 Replies to “Weekly Wrap 193: Mid-month surge, then rain and planes”

  1. I suddenly wondered this evening where the 5at5 had gone, and was surprised to find that it’s in neither my inbox nor my spam folder. I signed up after number 2 or 3, and I’ve so far received 4, 5 and 8 if my mail’s search is to be relied upon. I think it’s simply true that spam has killed email; it’s not possible to get a regular automated mailout and have it survive the gauntlet of spamkilling filters. So I shall endeavour to remember to check your page occasionally and hope you’ll create an RSS feed. Ah well.

  2. ETA: 12 and 13 were indeed in my spam folder (apparently my mail’s search is NOT to be relied upon) but no sign of 6, 7, 9, 10 or 11. Mail is not a solved problem.

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