Talking the ABC hack on “7.30”

Screengrab of Stilgherrian on "7.30": click for storyI was interviewed by ABC TV’s current affairs program 7.30 on Wednesday about the hack of an ABC website, in a story called Hacker attacks ABC, private information released.

The hack was apparently in revenge for the Lateline interview with controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders. The tweet claiming responsibility for the attack used the #OpWilders hashtag, the label for Anonymous’ ongoing protects against Wilders, but the operators of known Anonymous social media accounts are distancing themselves from this one.

Parts of the interview were also used in that night’s episide of Lateline, and a written story for ABC News Online.

It’s my third appearance on 7.30. I’ve previously spoken about the News of the World voicemail hacks and Anonymous’ hack of Stratfor.

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  1. I didn’t attend this event but helped organise and pay for someone who wished to attend the event but didn’t have a credit card.

    NO PHOTOGRAPHY was permitted however somebody seemingly took a camera and the speech is on Youtube

    “Geert Wilders Warn Australians in his speech in Liverpool Australia, last Friday. Don’t make the same mistake as us!

    Geert Wilders is a member of the Dutch Parliament. He is also a campaigner for Freedom of Speech and in particular, the growing threat of Islam to western democracies.

    He was invited to Australia for a speaking tour by the Q Society. The Australian Federal Government’s Chris Bowen really did try to silence Mr. Wilders, by trying to “fob off” his application for a visa. However, Debbie from Q Society persisted, and he was finally granted an entry visa. Can you imagine that? A member of Parliament in democratic Holland, had to jump through hoops to get a visa to come to Australia. Astonishing. Particularly in the light of the fact that so many Islamic mullahs/muftis (not sure what they are called) were given visas in a day by the same Chris Bowen. Anyway, finally Geert Wilders was able to speak freely to Australians.

    Well… not actually all that freely. Because of the violent protesters, Mr. Wilders had to have very tight security, as did the people who wanted to hear him speak. Which ironically proves that what he says is exactly, 100% right.

    The Perth meeting was cancelled because every venue booked, when they found out who it was, cowardly reneged on the booking.

    The MSM have vilified Mr. Wilders as ‘radical’, ‘islamo’phobic’, ‘far right’, ‘inciting hatred’ and of course the obligatory ‘racist’, (I am so over that), which of course overlooks the fact that Muslims, just like Catholics, are not a race.

    Also, it was really refreshing to see that about half the audience were around the 25-30’s mark, applauding and showing support for Geert Wilders. So the MSM saying only ‘old people’ were at Geert Wilder’s meets, was very simply, not true.

    Despite the poor quality of the video, I DO recommend you watch and judge for yourself. Also check out the sites below.I am NOT associated with any of the following sites , nor do I speak for them. I just read them and suggest you do too.”


    Freedom of speech is fine.

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