Talking cybersecurity on ABC Radio National Breakfast

Actually, this message about cybersecurity being a serious emerging theme for 2012 seems to be getting more mainstream coverage than I thought it would. I was part of a cybersecurity panel discussion that was broadcast on ABC Radio National’s Breakfast this morning.

Also taking part were Richard Stiennon, chief research analyst at IT-Harvest in Detroit (I spoke with him about Anonymous and Stratfor on this week’s Patch Monday podcast), and Sean Kopelke, director of security and compliance solutions at Symantec Australia. The host was Jonathan Green, who is usually editor of ABC The Drum.

Over at the ABC’s website you can find the program audio and (perhaps, eventually) transcript. But I’m also including the audio below, just in case their systems fail.

This audio is ©2012 Australian Broadcasting Corporation, of course. Even though we don’t get paid.

2 Replies to “Talking cybersecurity on ABC Radio National Breakfast”

  1. Ah!
    Just popped over from Sheep for a sleeping pill.
    Must say,this place WILL do the trick!

    I see the reason your fiscal loyalty is so thick.
    Jonathan Green is the hand (one of many) that feeds you.

    Nepotism,alive and well.Very Aussie.

    Did you discuss the incident where Jonathan got duped at your high level gabfest on cyber security, or is that why he was there?

    Hows Google+ going?
    Are you mates yet?
    Boy you’re a potty mouth,eh?


  2. @Hoffmann: Shorter Hoffman: I’ve been told not to do personal insults at No Place for Sheep so I’ll come here instead. You’re boring. You were on ABC Radio with Jonathan Green and he pays you, therefore you are defending ABC’s The Drum from my criticism. You “duped” Jonathan Green, somehow. Umm err you swore!

    Even shorter, it’s merely confused, low-grade personal insults and ill-informed allegations of unethical behaviour without any coherent explanation of what, precisely, you’re alleging.

    And you know what?

    Fuck off, you arsehole.

    I’m happy to engage in robust debate on the issues. I’m happy to be proven wrong with evidence. Indeed, as Suelette Dreyfus experienced yesterday — and I’ll write up this thing between now and Monday night — when presented with the evidence I’ll happily pull my head in, apologise, and issue a correction.

    What I won’t put up with is my website being turned into a playground for pathetic attention-seeking little cunt-trolls like you who simply want to amuse themselves with the fights.

    Fuck off.

    You are not welcome here.

    Any further input from you will be automatically deleted. End of discussion.

    For the record, since you seem too stupid and lazy to do your own research, I don’t get paid for any of those ABC Radio spots, and for the one in this post I didn’t even have my cab fares reimbursed.

    I do get paid for my pieces for The Drum, the princely sum of $100. That’s no secret. Meta-journalist Margaret Simons has documented nearly all the freelancer rates in Australia.

    If you imagine that I’d lie for an organisation and defend them against attackers on that basis then you’re either too lazy to look at my track record and see that I’m more than happy to bite the hands that feed me, too stupid to make that connection, or too much of a cunt to let the truth get in the way of your trolling.

    Also, fuck off.

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