Talking Heartbleed on 1395 FIVEaa Adelaide

FIVEaa logoI’ve already hinted at the importance of Heartbleed, the internet security bug, to my working week. Oh, and to the internet, yeah, that too. Well, my first media object was an article for Crikey. The second was this conversation on Adelaide commercial radio station 1395 FIVEaa.

Even though a lot more has been learned about Heartbleed since this conversation took place, and I’ve written a bunch of stuff for ZDNet Australia after each of the daily briefings by the SANS Institute’s Internet Storm Centre (ISC), which will be listed in the Weekly Wrap, this conversation with Will Goodings from Wednesday afternoon stands up surprisingly well.

I think.

Judge for yourself.

The audio is ©2014 dmgRadio Australia, but here it is ‘cos it hasn’t been posted on the radio station’s website. Besides, this is a reasonable plug, and they sent the audio file to me knowing this is exactly what I was going to be doing with it.

5 Replies to “Talking Heartbleed on 1395 FIVEaa Adelaide”

  1. It’s somewhat heartening that a station with those demographics would actually have you on for a segment like that.

  2. @deejbah: There is that. However not all commercial talk radio is reactionary old crackpots. Some former ABC colleagues work at FIVEaa, or have worked there in the past, and apart from certain presenters who I shan’t name, they’re generally in the middle.

  3. …and it’s disheartening to hear Y2K trotted out as a “scare without substance”. A lot of hard work went into making it such a non-event.

  4. I take your point Stil, I have no doubt my viewpoint is coloured by those certain presenters and some others and the fact that a lot of my listening is very specialist in nature and geared towards my work and personal interests. It’s also probably a bit uncharitable given that non-commercial radio can often be quite frustrating to listen in the areas of science and technology.

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