Talking SIM cards, spooks and hacks on 1395 FIVEaa

FIVEaa logoThird time’s the charm, right? My third radio spot on The Great SIM Heist was for 1395 FIVEaa in Adelaide on Wednesday afternoon.

Again, I won’t repeat the background, because it’s all in my first post on the subject. But I will say that this is the most detailed conversation about it so far, because presenter Will Goodings and I spoke for 13 minutes.

That said, there’s not much more information than we had yesterday. Gemalto isn’t due to hold its press conference until late this evening Australian time, so we’ll know more tomorrow.

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  1. fyi, my friend work in telecommunication company and they ordering from gemalto sim cards encrypted via PGP (US product).
    So, they have access to a lot more information’s..

    here is some samples how deep this going:
    equation group aka nsa:

    off topics:

    bit coin nsa product:

    cia made google?

    SELinux nsa product.

    CPU backdoors:

    UEFI bios backdoored:

    Just think if all this major things are vuln. that mean that they almost have whole control of US product?!

    China and Russia make their hardware and software, they know that all US IT product are not safe.

  2. @Mile: I normally wouldn’t publish a comment from an anonymous source, because I’ve tried to avoid my personal website descending into the depths of the average unmoderated online forum — well, unless I’m the one being a dick — but I’ve let yours through because it’s a reasonable collection of links to a particular worldview.

    I haven’t looked at these pages yet, nor do I have time to think about it this morning. I may or may not comment further, depending on my workload.

  3. Hi Stilgherrian, thank you for approval.
    I am little paranoid how, what and where i put online, always from other position, name, etc.

    I know it is bunch of links, but i am from IT sec. world and track what happening on the scene (try to fit the puzzle).
    If you want, i can share you more info. where is proof what they can and what they are doing.

    Starting from “beginning” government doing what they can to backdoor all mandatory software (Google: FBI openbsd ~1996 or DES encryption nsa or bush administration cryptographic etc.)
    There is bunch of proof that they are “controlled” by government, just search and find prof what someone find (mean on hackers guys) mean on vuln.
    TOR is honeypot for criminals (for start it was US product and it`s tracked and can be monitored like BITTorrent)
    About open source, you have couple big vuln. (one of them is heartbleed or shellshock) which shows how open source is checks.. so there need bunch of people to look at code (who will pay that?).
    Here is one of article about that subject:

    NSA playground:
    HOPE X lost privacy, not taking anonymity (great presentation):

    On other side, it is “normal” that government have control of their citizen (because in world where we living in), but problem is when that technologies cross over border and control/spy whole population who use their products.
    “MS13-075 allows low-privileged user to gain SYSTEM. It *only* affects *Chinese* version of Microsoft Office IME”

    here is what happen about Linus Torvalds and NSA:

    p.s all who are have more knowledge about this stuff (who can find their dirty things) have be categorized for detail monitoring:

    bonus little “humor”:

    “Remember, if you don’t understand it – it is not secure!”

  4. And one more thing about this subject, by me Snowden is false flag operation.
    He did not say nothing new about IT world and how insecure is.
    This all happening before him and there was journalist who track that but NEVER was in main stream…
    I was have many links (before facebook turn off my account and lose all groups which i has) about him and how he shows “new” data when some unknown journalist (or hacker) find new news, he have place in main stream, and CAN (i believe he does) “Drop” news in other direction.

    one of blogs which i just found with same opinion is:

    so, take care when main stream shows some news (even snowden/wikileaks)

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