Talking NBN board sacking on ABC Gold Coast

ABC logoMonday morning brought the news that the board of NBN Co had tendered its resignation — although it later transpired that they’d been asked to resign, and one member had chosen not to tender their resignation. But whatever the fine details, it was certainly the day’s big news.

And so I found myself talking about the National Broadband Network on ABC Gold Coast on Monday afternoon with Matt Webber.

Here’s the full audio. I was surprised to find myself outlining the key differences between the Coalition and Labor broadband policies. I’d have thought these would have been discussed to death during the election campaign that had ended only two weeks earlier. But then I don’t follow the daily news bicycle these days, so perhaps I over-estimate how well our media serves the citizenry.

I should note that the story has moved on since this was broadcast, so check your favourite news source. The audio is of course ©2013 Australian Broadcasting Corporation.