The 9pm Heat Wave

Hot. Damn Hot. It reached 42.3C at Sydney’s Observatory Hill today, and this is the result.

Listen up! You’ll hear why a conspiracy has led to alternating current causing wars. It’s true. A bloke at the pub said so. Because Nikola Tesla.

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[Credits: The 9pm Edict theme by mansardian, Edict fanfare by neonaeon, all from The Freesound Project. Photograph of Stilgherrian taken 29 March 2009 by misswired, used by permission. Clip from Good Morning Vietnam obtained via YouTube and you can look up the rights information yourself because I couldn’t be arsed.]

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  1. Wolfcat’s avatar

    Wow… the heat has really got you Stil hasn’t it.

  2. The Grumpy Cat’s avatar

    Jesus, how much did you drink before recording this?

  3. mr. mike’s avatar

    We use AC for long distance power because it uses lower current and is more safe; it takes very little to convert AC to DC….and Tesla was for AC! He fought a “war” with Edison, who was pushing DC.

    This is stuff you can get off Wikipedia, HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT GUY NOT KNOW THIS? I know it, AND I’M NOT AN ELECTRICAL ENGINEER!

    1. Tardis_42’s avatar

      *technically* we use AC because *higher voltage* is more efficient for long-distance transmission, and changing the voltage is easy if its AC and much harder if its DC. [/pedant]

    2. en_gy’s avatar


      Especially the bit where you make an noise like an ibis before muttering fuck you Clover.

      5 stars.

    3. DGJ’s avatar

      I suppose forty something degrees is an excuse for getting some cheap content down the boozer but when is Patch Monday coming back?
      Or has ZD bailed because they can’t insure you?

    4. Stilgherrian’s avatar

      Thank you for your comments.

      @DGJ: To answer the question seriously, I’ve only returned to full-strength work mode today and I’m still in discussions with all my commissioning editors about the plan for 2013. Boring, eh?

      1. DGJ’s avatar

        Thanks Stil,
        Much as I enjoyed your ramblings 30 years ago in person, now I like them leavened with interviews and with some funky intro music.
        I shall write a stiff letter to The Times the ZD editor.

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