Announcing “The 9pm Minor Party Policy Filibuster”

All set up for the live policy reading.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my latest stupid podcast idea. A livestreamed reading of minor party election policies, while drinking. It’ll be like The 9pm One Nation Policy Reading in 2016, as shown in the photo.

It’s happening this Saturday 4 May, starting at 1900 AEST and running for four hours.

It’s all about the polices of the minor parties having a go for the forthcoming federal election. Everyone but Liberal, National, Labor, and The Greens. Yeah, the loopy ones.

It’ll also be raising a little money for charity.

Listen live at or on Spreaker apps, and read on for more details, including how to make a contribution.

The 9pm Edict is made possible by you the listeners, and “The 9pm Minor Party Policy Filibuster” is no exception. And the charity?

Half of all your tips past the first $400 will be donated to the Black Dog Institute, to help them help you cope with the resulting depression. please  throw a few coins into the tip jar or subscribe for added benefits. This deal runs to midnight on Saturday when Antony Green calls the election on ABC TV on 18 May.

Yes, I do realise the irony of earning money for mental health research by destroying my brain. Meh.

As at 2300 AEDT Saturday, the total stood at $1631.93, so deducting the initial $400 that’s an amazing $615.97 to Black Dog. Please keep going.

This post will be updated regularly as this silly project takes shape. Watch my Twitter feed for updates, or follow the hashtag #9pmlive.

Which political parties will be included?

I haven’t planned that yet, but here’s the official Current register of political parties. Not all of these can be included. Not all of them are running, even.

How you, the listeners, decided how this will work

I was worried that once I’m reading live and drinking and getting less, um, capable people might just keep sending money to make me go longer. How many wee-break packages would I need to prepare? All the alcohol could even kill me. Eek. So I ran some options past you.

Here’s how they were presented.

  1. Keep going! Donate a chunk! Four hours is already a long time. An hour for every $100 could be dangerous. So how’s this? A total of $400 is 4 hours. For $800 it’s 5 hours. For $1600 it’s six hours. And so on, doubling for each hour. ADDED CHARITY BONUS: Once we’re over $800, half of the further contributions will be donated to the Black Dog Institute, which is dedicated to understanding, preventing and treating mental illness, especially mood disorders.
  2. Split it! If we go past four hours, I’ll split it into two episodes, one streamed on Saturday and one on Tuesday 7 May. The deal would remain at $100 per hour.
  3. Improve it! Four hours is enough. Spend extra time on pre-production to make it a better podcast, at $100 per hour beyond the six hours I’ve already allocated.
  4. Pocket half! Donate half! Four hours is enough. Once past the $400 mark, half goes to the ADDED CHARITY BONUS as above, and half into the kitty for future projects, such as Public House Forum episodes, or more special silliness.