Announcing “The 9pm GoatFest Tasmania”

UPDATE 15 February 2018: The Pozible campaign was successful. Details of what I’ll be doing will be posted on Saturday 17 February.

Let’s talk about Goats! GoatFest Tasmania is Tasmania’s Only All-Breeds Goat Festival and Field Day, with everything you ever need to know about goats and goat products all under the one roof. It’s on Sunday 25 February in Launceston, and I want to go. I need to go.

What’s not to love? Like, goats, right!

From now until Thursday 15 February at 2130 AEDT, you can help support The 9pm GoatFest Tasmania, a Pozible crowdfunding campaign. You can ASK A GOAT or its goatherd a question, or set me a GOATY CHALLENGE.

If we reach Target 2, I’ll continue on to Hobart to record a Public House Forum episode like the last one. If that happens, the usual rewards will be available: ONE TRIGGER WORD and THREE TRIGGER WORDS and FORUM QUESTION.

For details, click through now, or listen to this “excellent” promo, either here or on SoundCloud or on Spreaker.

You can follow the campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #9pmgoatfest.

[Goat sounds recorded at Turkana Lake, Kenya, in December 2016 by Freesound user peterkotrha.]