The 9pm Arch Window of the Baked Goods


In this episode, Nicholas Fryer joins us to explore the archetypical Arizona senator, breakfast food, productivity, and the cost of living.

We talk about baked goods, fried rice, watermelon, Hunter S Thompson, international politics, parenting, productivity, and more.

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Trigger Words Draw

As promised, here’s a video of the Trigger Words for this episode being drawn from The Water Jug of Integrity. I have no idea why it’s vibrating.

Thank you, Media Freedom Citizenry!

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One Reply to “The 9pm Arch Window of the Baked Goods”

  1. I’ve been thinking of starting my own podcast, inspired by the Nine PM Edicts, much the same way that Fraser Anning’s senatorial career is inspired by the first two seasons of I Dream Of Jeannie and the sex scene in Joyce’s Portrait Of The Artist. The question I couldn’t answer was: what should I call it. Mr Fryer has now answered this: I shall call it In My Anecdotage. Thank you, Mr Fyer.

    Carry on.

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