The 9pm Hallucinating Goldfish

A random man shares his fear, a fear we all share. Nicholas Fryer makes life more enjoyable. And you know that end of the world thing? Pffft. The Cold War. That all turned out OK, so what’s the worry?

There’s also talk of gamified urination, paranoia, nuclear war, legumes, gelato, and bamboo. And Nicholas Fryer takes a look through The Arch Window.

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Update 25 October: Sharp-eyed readers have noticed that the Fox News report shows a USAF B-1B bomber, when the story is about the B-52 bomber. Meh, close enough for Fox News, right?

[Photo: Screenshot from Fox News.]

One Reply to “The 9pm Hallucinating Goldfish”

  1. Stilgherrian,

    In the user experience world the flies on the urinals are an example of subconsious manipulation called ‘nudging’; its purpose is to give men a target to aim when peeing and to also cut down on over-splash to – in turn – cut down cleaning costs ;-). From memory it was first trialed in Denmark. The choice of a fly over a bee wasn’t a mistake in Victorian puns – it was more about using the common psychological dislike of flies to prompt/nudge the attempt to aim at the bug.

    Also, I saw one on a trip over there and on first sight the fly is quite realisticly rendered and looked real. I’d think most men would probably try NOT to hit a bee when their old fella is out (and open to possible attack), and would probably increase the oversplash as a result!

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