The 9pm Minor Party Policy Filibuster

The 9pm Minor Party Policy Filibuster

Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s the full four-hour recording of my latest stupid podcast idea: a livestreamed reading of minor party election policies, while drinking.

Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, Katter’s Australian Party (KAP), FRASER ANNING’S CONSERVATIVE NATIONAL PARTY IN ALL CAPITALS, the Rise Up Australia Party, the Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party, the Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting), the Love Australia or Leave, and more.

We also raised some money for charity, and should probably raise some more, so read on for how to do that.

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Thank you, Media Freedom Citizenry (Updated 20 May 2019)

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Thanks to Adam Baxter, Adam Fitzpatrick, Andrew Groom, Benno Rice, Bob Ogden, Brendan Forster, Dave Hall, Garth Kidd, Jared Shrimpton, Jason Anderson, Joel Michael, John Lindsay, Joop de Wit, Karloscar, Mark Newton, Matthew Moyle-Croft, Melissa Madesn, Passion Pop Phairy, Paul McElwee, Peter Blakeley, Peter Lieverdink, Reselsnark, Ric Hayman, Rohan Pearce, Ron Lowry, Rosemary Ryan, Sebastian Tauchmann, Simon Harris, Tim Holland, and 19 people who either chose to remain anonymous, or whose preference I didn’t know.

Episode Links

  • The Involuntary Medication Objectors Party is committed to giving a voice to the tens of thousands of Australians who have been ignored by the government and vilified by the press for their informed choice to reject the highly questionable government sponsored Vaccination Program.
  • The best welfare is a job, the best security is a home, the best life is a family, the best country is Australia. This election the best way you can love Australia is to Put Australia First. Vote 1, United Australia Party.
  • Clive Palmer: "My wealth is four thousand million dollars, do you think I give a stuff about what you personally think?"
  • Chinese Communist government controlled companies have exercised control of airports and ports in Western Australia contrary to the security of all Australians.
  • The government spends $55billion on the NBN that still doesnt work properly, and Sydney gets nothing. Lets make a change that we all deserve, Let's Put Australia First.
  • Fast Trains to Sydney for those living up to 300km away. United Australia Party are committed to delivering fast reliable rail services to Sydney which would reduce traffic congestion and improve housing affordability for the region.
  • The CEC advocates a massive public infrastructure development program for Australia of major nation-building projects in water, power, and transportation, which will open up all of Australia to economic development and population. We reject and will scrap public-private partnerships (PPPs), and use a national bank to publicly fund projects to be kept in public ownership. This program will address the infrastructure deficit that has been built up through decades of under-investment, and reindustrialise the economy by stimulating industries, including steel-making and cement manufacture.
  • Australia’s rail sector must be revolutionised, both for the sake of transport within our country, and also to tie Australia into the rest of the world, in particular into the world’s greatest population centres, at the eastern and south-eastern Asian terminals of the Eurasian Land-Bridge.
  • Australia’s alliance with the USA and UK has drawn us into illegal regime-change wars that have accelerated the spread of terrorism, and made us a staging ground for a US-led confrontation of China. The CEC will shut down joint facilities, starting with Pine Gap, which target US nuclear missiles at China and Russia and make us a target in a nuclear exchange; withdraw our soldiers from pointless wars abroad; ensure strategic independence by establishing a high-tech industrial base that can provide for our own defence; and pursue international cooperation over conflict.

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