The 9pm Minor Party Policy Filibuster

The 9pm Minor Party Policy Filibuster

Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s the full four-hour recording of my latest stupid podcast idea: a livestreamed reading of minor party election policies, while drinking.

Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, Katter’s Australian Party (KAP), FRASER ANNING’S CONSERVATIVE NATIONAL PARTY IN ALL CAPITALS, the Rise Up Australia Party, the Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party, the Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting), the Love Australia or Leave, and more.

We also raised some money for charity, and should probably raise some more, so read on for how to do that.

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Thank you, Media Freedom Citizenry (Updated 20 May 2019)

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SPECIAL CHARITY DEAL: Half of all your tips past the first $400 were donated to the Black Dog Institute, to help them help you cope with the resulting depression. This deal ran until the ABC’s Antony Green called the election on 18 May.

The final total in the tip jar was $‎ 1908.93, so deducting the initial $400 that’s a delightful $‎754.47 to Black Dog, paid on 20 May.

Receipt showing donation to the Black Dog Institute of $754.47 on 20 May 2019.

Thanks to Adam Baxter, Adam Fitzpatrick, Andrew Groom, Benno Rice, Bob Ogden, Brendan Forster, Dave Hall, Garth Kidd, Jared Shrimpton, Jason Anderson, Joel Michael, John Lindsay, Joop de Wit, Karloscar, Mark Newton, Matthew Moyle-Croft, Melissa Madesn, Passion Pop Phairy, Paul McElwee, Peter Blakeley, Peter Lieverdink, Reselsnark, Ric Hayman, Rohan Pearce, Ron Lowry, Rosemary Ryan, Sebastian Tauchmann, Simon Harris, Tim Holland, and 19 people who either chose to remain anonymous, or whose preference I didn’t know.

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