Weekly Wrap 466: Cool weather finally arrives, with cybercrime

Monday 29 April to Sunday 5 May 2019 was a good mix of research, writing, and vast podcast arsehattery. I’m a happy possum.


SPECIAL CHARITY DEAL: Half of all your tips past the first $400 will be donated to the Black Dog Institute, to help them help you cope with the resulting depression. Please throw a few coins into the tip jar. This deal runs until whenever the ABC’s Antony Green calls the election on 18 May.


Media Appearances


Corporate Largesse

  • On Wednesday there was, as usual, a light lunch at the Lowy Institute.

The Week Ahead

Monday through Wednesday will be an as-yet-unstructured collection of research, writing, and organising. I’ll also be doing some pre-production for…

… a new episode of The 9pm Edict podcast with Nicholas Fryer, which will be recorded on Thursday posted by Friday.

On Friday afternoon I’ll be down in Sydney for a medical thingy, and then things are unplanned through to the end of the weekend.

Further Ahead

The federal election is on Saturday 18 May, so I should probably organise something. There have been rumblings about an election night party.

I’ll be on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane soon. First for the AusCERT Cybersecurity Conference on the Gold Coast, 29–31 May, then in Brisbane through to 4 June for some podcast recording or the like.

Beyond that, here’s a very partial list of some conferences and other events that I’m planning to attend. Please let me know if there’s anything I should add. Send airline tickers.

[Photo: Relaxing by the fire in the side room of the Alexandra Hotel, Leura, on 3 May 2019.]