The 9pm Totally Convincing Official Truth Theories Live

In this special livestreamed episode, Stilgherrian digs deep into the world of conspiracies, and quite a bit of alcohol. Live. For three hours. You have been warned.

You’ll hear the truth. The real truth. Like, how Australia’s bushfires really started. Like why we should worry about 5G communications technology. And how the coronavirus was… well… you’ll hear. And a lot more.

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This episode it’s thanks to 41 people! Andrew Groom, Bob Ogden, Boy Next Door, Christopher Neugebauer, Crispin Harris, Dave King, David Heath, Drew Mayo, Garth Kidd, Gillian Brent , Jared (PointZeroOne), Jim Campbell, John Twyman, Jon Eaves, Jonathan Ferguson, Joop de Wit, Joop de Wit, Karl Sinclair, Karloskar Hall, Kate Carruthers, Keith Duddy, Michael Harris (@twcau), Nick Andrew, Paul McElweel, Peter Lawler, Peter McCrudden, Raena, Simon Harris, Susan Ireland, Trent Yarwood, and 13 people who’d prefer to remain anonymous, and who can blame them.

Also thanks to Adam Baxter, who I forgot to mention in a previous episode, and Pete Lawler (again), who sent some cash so I could buy some good Passion Pop. Good Passion Pop? Is that even a thing?

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