The 9pm Election Unhinging: The Aftermath

Australia’s new Foreign Minister, Senator Penny Wong, and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, boarding Royal Australian Air Force Airbus KC-30A registration A39-007 in Canberra before departing for Tokyo on 23 May 2022. (Screenshot: 10 News First)

Well then. It happened. Anthony Albanese is Prime Minister and Australia has a new Labor government. There’s a sense of hope in the air, but there’s also a sense of hesitation.

In episode we talk about the election result, obviously. We also talk about the unhinging of the conservative commentators, especially those on Sky News Australia, about the problems in political journalism, international relations, potential changes in the National Party, and US politician Kandiss Taylor.

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Episode Links

  • [24 May 2022] So @andrewprobyn and @BreakfastNews - re the line this morning "Albanese has spent more time as PM in Japan than Australia" - maybe worth noting or pointing out that Morrison knew of the quad timing and could have called the election date 1 week earlier.... @mjrowland68
  • [24 May 2022] All you indulgent Chardonnay socialists & Teal princesses have abandoned the hard workers who have ambition & haven’t inherited a comfortable life. You can all enjoy your feelings of superiority while the real Aussies build their wealth through hard work supported by @LiberalAus
  • [22 May 2022] Sky News host Paul Murray says he will be leading the “new resistance” against the Albanese Labor government. “It’s here, each and every night at eight o’clock,” Mr Murray said.
  • [22 May 2022] After their company-wide campaign to prevent the election of a Labor Govt, the Murdoch monopoly isn’t taking it well. Just take a look at Murdoch’s positioning for the next 3 years.
  • [22 May 2022] Of all the takes, my favourite is ‘Australia voted for more progressive candidates because the Coalition government was too progressive and therefore the answer for the Coalition is to go further to the right to win back the Australian people.’ Galaxy level. More please.
  • [24 May 2022] "At this point in time, there's not a Coalition. That will be negotiated. It's one of the big jobs ahead of us" - Nationals Leader @Barnaby_Joyce
  • [23 May 2022, @BelindaJones68] #WorstOfAuspol
  • [22 May 2022] “When they thought I couldn’t withstand the storm…that I am the storm." Deves avoided questions for weeks and immediately after losing goes on a panel show that showers her in false praise. Not exactly storm chasing.
  • [22 May 2022] A 4.7% swing against her means that Deves is more of a windbag than a storm.
  • [23 May 2022] GA GOP Gov candidate Kandiss Taylor today: “We’re gonna do a political rally and we’re gonna honor Jesus .. They’re not gonna tell us ‘separation of church and state.’ We are the church! We run this state! .. The church runs the state of Georgia!”

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