Links for 28 August 2009 through 09 September 2009

Stilgherrian’s links for 28 August 2009 through 09 September 2009, gathered automatically and then forgotten until today:

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  1. Re Reaper:

    A good friend of mine loves it. He’s an audio promo maker (and because of the standard studio set up uses Pro-Tools during the day), currently working at the ABC, and has worked at commercial radio. He thinks it’s the cat’s pyjamas with stripes and bells.

  2. @Fergus Pitt: Thanks for that, Fergus. In the past I’d been used to using ProTools ‘cos I had an original Digidesign MBox, but never got around to upgrading to the newer version for my Intel-based MacBook Pro. Now that MBox is getting bashed around and I need an audio tool for podcasts and the like — so my needs are rather simple. A new MBox 2 is perhaps overkill, yet Apple’s Garage Band would probably irritate we with its limitations. Reaper looks like a suitable choice. I shall play.

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