6 Replies to “If it can’t be fixed with duct tape…”

  1. Snigger. It’s a great ad for duct tape. It’s a lousy ad for Solo, though. I’m presuming it rests on the theory that Solo is a drink for real he-men of the neanderthal type. I hate to tell them, but I don’t think that kind of man drinks much soft drink of any variety.

  2. Where I live they drink xxxx gold. Mid strength beer that I, a Melbourne and Adelaide expat, would call a soft drink. Know their way around a roll of gaffer tape though!

  3. @Quatrefoil: Solo has always been marketed as the soft drink for Real Men.

    “You’ve gotto work it hard to be a Solo man,” says this truly wonderful 1988 TVC — sorry” television commercial” for you media non-junkies. Love the synth line, love the moustache! Magnificent!

    “Light on the fizz so you can slam ’em down fast,” they tell us again in the 1990s Solo Lemon Lime ad.

    I think the realisation that “that kind of man” doesn’t drink much soft drink was precisely the marketing plan: hit a new market segment with a soft drink tailored just for them.

    If I cared sufficiently I’d see if I could find some soft drink sales figures for the period. But I don’t.

    @jay: Tell me more about what they can do with gaffer tape! 😉

  4. Ah! There’s a lot I’ve missed out on by being either TV free or ABC/BBC only for most of my life. I still think it’s a good ad for duct tape though.

  5. As a friend of mine is fond of saying:

    Duct tape fixes everything, even relationships.

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