4 Replies to “Inbred blue-eyed mutants”

  1. I’m sorry Intelligent Design tells us that there is no evidence for evolution and this means that there must have been a designer for your pretty blue eyes. Does this make you a fashion victim instead? ;P

  2. I read that in yesterday’s paper and then proceeded to rag on the rest of the family with blue eyes…….you’re a freak…!

  3. @kcarruthers: Spot the Twitter user, she adds her own “@” symbol! Welcome!

    Well, I’d like to meet this Intelligent Designer and ask why if my eye is so goddam intelligent that I’m short-sighted — but then when I hit middle age I become long-sighted as well. Makes no sense! And why there isn’t a modular connector at the back to swap in th new model.

    @Rhys: If I were you, I’d be cautious about throwing around the word “freak”… 😉

  4. …dammit, I can’t think of any mildly witty and or sexual innuendo* comeback to that, but if I could. ho ho watch out

    *not a spanish suppository

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