Message to Microsoft: You can’t buy cool

My commentary on Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo! has been published in Crikey. It’s behind the paywall, but a free trial is available. I’ll write a public piece tomorrow.

4 Replies to “Message to Microsoft: You can’t buy cool”

  1. prob not behind the paywall as it is in the Squatters’ Edition this arvo.

    And you call that a “Disclosure” ??? Surely a better disclosure would be “Microsoft Evangalizers have
    a. Not Taken Me Out For Outrageous Gastronomic Bribes Yet, or
    b. Outrageous Gastronomic Bribe Gave Me Hepatis A / Gastro so
    I’m pissed off with them”


    (ps – I agree that this definition of “Better” is open to discussion; was probably thinking “Colourful” rather than “More Accurate”, but heck; nothing wrong with colour, huh? Unless u asked mum’s accountant…)

  2. If the Richmond [Stilgherrian corrects: Redmond] Deathstar are inviting u for Gastronomic temptations, then I suggest u need an Ubuntu Warrior as foodtester….

    Hi Nick!

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