Secret Men’s Business 3: Chat Thai, Sydney

Photograph of the toilet at Chat Thai restaurant, Sydney

At some point my series of toilet and urinal images needs to move away from pubs and Thai restaurants. But not tonight.

Here’s the toilet at the Chat Thai restaurant in Campbell Street, Sydney. A great modern Thai eatery, all in yellow and black. Including this Dalek trying to disguise itself with a potted plant.

5 Replies to “Secret Men’s Business 3: Chat Thai, Sydney”

  1. Wow… that’s some dunny. Makes my dunny like seedy.

    However, that’s a piss poor hand/grab rail, the non functioning lower half of me scoffs at the attempt to provide adequate railings.

  2. @Rhys: Now there’s a blog you could do: review of toilet handrails for the disabled. With amusing and/or embarrassing photos of you trying to use said handrails.

    Actually, I should point out that the presence of the tampon disposal unit to the left of the toilet indicates that this is a gender-neutral facility, so strictly not “secret men’s business”. Unless this is some very secret men’s business I haven’t heard of before… eww!

  3. hoooohoho! That’d be a blog only a few would dare bookmark I’d say “oh look, he fell on the floor again!” There’s actually a website out there which lists every public restroom/disabled dunny in the country, which is handy and kind of sad I know that…

    I’d be tempted to pinch that plant..and probably the yellow tardis too, both would look sporting next to my desk I think

  4. Hi Rhys,
    My brother designed that Toilet and as much as I’d love to pay him out, the photo actually doesn’t show it but beside the toilet there is actually another railing that runs on a decline so it is quite functional. I know, I have used it to haul my pregnant arse off that dunny! He did a really great job, so I hope you do get to go and review it for yourself, because the food is pretty fantastic — of course I am completely biased as the restaurant is my mum’s!

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