Talking Airpnp and sharing economy on ABC 105.7 Darwin

ABC logoIt’s not every day that I end up talking about my experiences in Thai urinals on live radio, but that’s exactly what I did today. It’s all down to Vicki Kerrigan.

Kerrigan is the drive-time presenter on ABC 105.7 Darwin, and a story about Airpnp caught her eye — or that of her producer. No, not the accommodation-related app Airbnb. And no, inner urban gay men, it’s not what you just thought of either.

Airpnp is a service that supposedly lets you “find a clean, comfortable bathroom no matter where you are” — not so much here in Australia, but certainly in the US and some other places as it’s spread out from New Orleans, where it was founded a year ago.

Here’s the full 10-minute conversation we had — including Kerrigan’s introduction, which may leave you with a slight pressure somewhere.


This audio is ©2015 Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Talking Todd Carney’s bubbling on ABC 666 Canberra

ABC logoBack on 30 June I found myself talking about the phenomenon of “bubbling”, thanks to Rugby League player Todd Carney and a certain photograph.

“Bubbling”, you ask? The activity where a chap uses his mouth instead of a urinal, as ABC 666 Canberra presenter Jolene Laverty put it. Apparently it’s popular in some skateboarding subcultures.

This recording starts off with an interview with ABC Radio National’s sports presenter Warwick Hadfield, because I think the context is important to understand my subsequent conversation, which starts around 12 minutes in. I speak more about internet fads such as planking.


The audio is of course ©2014 Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Is this viral marketing? And whither Stilgherrian Live?

Photo of Cnut sticker with Still Gherrian Live [sic] added

“I almost laughed in the dunny. Props on your viral marketing,” said Dan Animal when he originally posted this photo.

Taken in the men’s toilet at The Clare Hotel on Broadway, Sydney, it shows a sticker reading “Cnut” to which someone’s added “Still Gherrian Live” [sic]. Is it my marketing? Nah, I’d at least have spelled my own name right. And, as Dan noted, I’d have included a web address too.

Now what’s actually happening with Stilgherrian Live, you might ask?

To be honest, I’m not sure. I haven’t been enjoying doing the program as much lately, and it does take up a bunch of time. I want to do something, but I’m not sure what. There is a certain… malaise. Perhaps you have some ideas?