There’s something about this urinal…

Photograph of hexagonal tiles on the toilet floor, Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney

For some reason, I love the hexagonal tiles on the floor of the men’s toilet in the Lansdowne Hotel, Chippendale, in Sydney. Could it be because I’m old enough to remember when military simulations were played out on maps with a hexagonal grid?

5 Replies to “There’s something about this urinal…”

  1. It’s also a quilt pattern known as ‘Grandmother’s Flower Garden’. I like it too, particularly in that colour scheme. Thank you for showing me something I would otherwise be unlikely to see.

  2. @Quatrefoil: My pleasure! And thanks for the name of the pattern. Given my penchant for taking photos in toilets — I’ll link back to the previous efforts when I’m not sitting on a train — I might turn it into a formal art photography project!

  3. Ya, this kind of posting is really smart dude. Start posting about stuff of a higher intellectual nature…

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