Corey goes international

Photograph of Corey Delaney

In the names of all the Gods, how could I have possibly missed the news two days ago that Corey Worthington Delaney is kicking off a three-city rave which will hit Sydney next month, followed by a tour of seaside spots in England in June, including Blackpool, Bournemouth and Torquay? Where can I get tickets?

4 Replies to “Corey goes international”

  1. You must have missed the very well put together story on ACA last night, showing Corey in a premeditated schoolyard style scuffle. Highlight: Corey’s face meeting someone’s knee.

  2. @Rhys: Yep, missed it — though I did have someone email an alert. How thoughtful of them. However I know it’s all online and will check it out later.

  3. That article is scary in places.

    I particularly liked the closing paragraph:

    “He’s decided to make the most of this opportunity and if it doesn’t work out has told me he’ll just get a job,” Markson told Confidential yesterday. “Any parent would be proud to have a son like that. Committed to get a job if he has to.”

    “Any parent would be proud to have a son like that” — indeed.

    All I can do is shake my head. If my boys come out like that, they may have to find themselves new roofs to shelter under.

  4. @Crispin: I think you have enough to worry about. When your middle son met me for the first time the other week, he introduced himself by bouncing into my lap and announcing, “I’m not a girl!” Where does one start…?

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