The Madness of Corey Worthington Delaney

Photograph of Corey Worthington from Channel 7

The Corey Worthington Delaney story symbolises everything that’s bad about our mainstream media.

They simplify everything into a simple binary questions of good versus bad. They give this attention-seeking waste of carbon atoms exactly what he wants: the oxygen of media attention. And they get basic facts wrong just to make a catchy headline.

OK, I’m giving him oxygen too. And I’ll be honest, I’m revelling in the glory of such a moron becoming Australia’s new global representative. But here’s what I don’t like about it.

First, Corey doesn’t face a $20,000 bill. That’s just a number being kicked around indicating the cost of the police operation to shut down his elegant soirée.

Michael is right, the police just can’t start billing people. As an Adelaide criminal lawyer put it to me this morning:

[I] don’t know if the situation is different in Victoria, but don’t think it is from the comments I’ve seen from lawyers on TV etc.

I like the “dangerous new precedent” angle for this. People who throw a party that gets out of hand scared to call the police for fear they’ll be billed for it!

The people who get ordered to pay cops back are usually the ones who have made a false report, who have to pay for the investigation, but that is something that the Court imposes.

When I first heard [Victorian police commissioner] Christine Nixon, she did not sound as though she was saying any more than they were going to look into ways to make him pay for it, but somehow that has been turned into “a $20,000 fine” by sections of the media.

Photograph of Sydney Morning Herald front page, 16 January 2008

My lawyer friend says to Google the phrase “skins party” for some interesting reading on the topic of these sorts of parties.

The other aspect which shits me is the “binary opposite” simplification of the story.

“Legend or Loser?” asks the Sydney Morning Herald. What, are they the only options? One or the other?

Of course for the SMH‘s middle-class readership he’s no legend, so we can expect a flurry of outraged letters to the editor blaming all and sundry for… well, a party got out of hand. And the “enormous cost” of the police just doing what they’re paid to do.

Anyway that’s what I think. What do you think?

[Update 3.40pm: I’ve changed Corey’s surname from “Delaney” to “Worthington”. Apparently Delaney is his parents’ surname but not his. Or something.]

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  1. Well said stil. How someone swimming in such a shallow part of the gene pool could be labeled legend is beyond me. He is a 16yr old testosterone laden with poor dress sense. Loser? not sure. Nuisance, certainly.

  2. Yesterday I mentioned that a radio talkback caller had blamed The Corey Incident on John Howard. Today Crikey revealed his logic.

    4BC (Brisbane)
    Caller Morrie says he wants to blame John Howard for the whole thing, and the reason children have no discipline now is that they are brought up in childcare centre because it is necessary for their mothers to work. Morrie says that with penalty rates no longer worth as much as they used to and taxes increasing, one wage is no longer enough for a family to live on.

    Gotcha. Thanks, Morrie.

  3. I think that he’s reacting like a typical teenage boy who’s been backed into a corner. Given a choice between bravado or meek contrition (read public humiliation) in front of… well… everyone, he’s bound to act like an unrepentant little snot.

  4. @Justin: I think you’re right, matey. He doesn’t seem to have particularly sophisticated analysis or negotiation skills. Or, for that matter, media management skills — despite his [ahem] “party planner cred” amongst his fellow suburban white-trash cohort.

    After all, he accepted $750 for a radio interview when there were much bigger offers on the table.

    @Chris: “Lighten up, world” translates to “Please turn off your brain” or something, right? Corey’s had “a good time”, plenty good. And now he needs to clear up the mess.

    I guess you’ve just searched for everyone mentioning Corey and posted a link to your own blog so you get nice and high in Google search results? If so, you should have at least sold advertising on your site and cashed in on your own attention-seeking. That way you’ll have something of lasting value once the bubble has burst.

  5. Well I think.. if Corey keeps dressing like he does and throwing skins parties he is bound to become a new Gay icon (well once he grows up).. Another Paris Hillbilly.. lol
    I think we may even see a Corey marching band at the Mardi Gras.
    On the other hand parents can only blame them self’s..
    What is this throwing responsibility to other people business!!
    Youngsters can not do anything these days. I remember when a few years back we were able to ride at the back of a ute, party outside, fireworks, bonfires, stay up late and didn’t have to meander mindlessly in shopping malls or spend hours on the net just to socialise.
    Give the kids some fun activities to do!!
    Do we want a party throwing nutto or a quiet scary nutto?
    I know I like the idea of a good party better!!

  6. @Andy: Thanks for the comment(s). There were two in the moderation queue with essentially the same content, so I published the one with fewer spelling errors. 😉

    “Do we want a party throwing nutto or a quiet scary nutto?” is an excellent question.

    Some talkback caller somewhere suggested Corey was gay, though on what evidence I have no idea.

    You also touch upon some issues which I’m exploring in an essay this weekend… stand by!

  7. hey there corey should come down to colac nd we will show you how to really party without getting caught!!

  8. omg he is sooooooooooooooooooo
    fuckin hot leave him alone his myn all myn i tell ya

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