More Steve Irwin jokes

A clown in life, Steve Irwin has inspired more jokes since his death — not just that first one I posted last week

[Update 23 January 2008: Since Steve Irwin jokes are very popular on this website, you might also want to start posting Heath Ledger death jokes. Just as mindlessly tacky.]

  • Steve wouldn’t have died if he were wearing sunscreen, it would have protected him from harmful rays.
  • Q: Why is Trudie Styler like Steve Irwin? A: Both have been penetrated by Sting.
  • Steve Irwin asked for a certain song to be played at his funeral: Don’t Stand So Close to Me by Sting. (Alternatively, Dead Heart by Midnight Oil, and selections from Queen‘s Sheer Heart Attack.)
  • Q: What do Steve Irwin and Indiana Jones have in common? A: They both have a hol(e)y chest.

And if I hear any more, I’ll post them here as comments.

Oddly enough, another “Australian icon” died last week: legendary racing car driver Peter Brock wrapped himself around a tree. And yet he hasn’t spawned a series of jokes. Why is that, I wonder?

Scroll down for more Steve Irwin Jokes in the comments.

[Update 19 April 2009: I’m closing comments on this post. The few comments which have been posted in recent months are mostly from people who can’t seem to see beyond an overly-simplistic “He’s a hero” or “You’re lame”. Very few of them can even spell properly. And none are adding anything positive to the discussion. Time to move on.]

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  1. steve irwins australia zoo is now serving stirng ray it is expensive but steve says its too die for

  2. you said there was no jokes about the great peter brock could say he was retired (reTYREd) or he was stumped in his life

  3. Richard, yes, this is still currently the most-read page on the blog, and “steve irwin jokes” the most common search which brings people here.

    However for some reason the next most common search so far this month is “john howard tracksuit”, with searches for “sam connell” at number 5.

  4. It’s therefore my public duty to mess with your stats by entering queries like ‘penguin+Molniya+metafiction+crenellation+Stilgherrian’ into my search engine of choice.

    By the way, it’s decision time for ‘late adopters’ like me. IE7 or Firefox?

  5. Hey John, well, if people keep posting comments they’ll keep appearing — and as I mentioned, the main search-engine driven traffic to this site is still all about Steve Irwin jokes, two months later.

    I don’t mind that. Traffic is traffic, and maybe the joke-tellers and joke-readers will click on a link and read some of my more serious writing. It all helps.

    If only they could spell and type properly…

  6. I’ll leave the comment from Ridicullous Old Yak online, even though it’s obviously just trollbait to generate traffic to his commercial website — because at some stage I’ll write an article explaining how that business model works. It’s actually a good example of the genre — in the sense that it illustrates the point nicely.

  7. Steve Irwin was asked in an interview what his favourite tv show was, he said, it has to be thunderbirds, but ill always have a place in my heart for Stingray…

  8. Mr Toothpick didn’t bother looking at our original posting, did he. Otherwise he would have seen that we’ve got this one already.

    Mind you, if he’s still so eager to post a joke about Steve Irwin three and a half months after his death, Mr Toothpick is, we can only assume, a bit slow…

  9. Yes, I’m late, slow, etc. Yes, I may be a putz for still coming around hoping for a new joke that is not being repeated. I still enjoy telling them to the folks that haven’t heard them yet. I start out with “OK, I must warn you these jokes are pretty “barb”aric. Cheers!


  11. @BEN: I’ve approved your comment despite the harsh language. I tend not to censor “bad words”, since in theory we’re all grown-ups in the 21st Century. it’s how you choose to speak and the world should see it in all its glory. But the all-caps is a bit tedious.

  12. It’s funny because at my school when rumour got out Steve Irwin had died it was initially “Keith Urban died!!!”
    and that all alarmed us because, he had just gotten married to Nicole. Crazy how chinese whispers can change the truth

  13. A visitor to Australia Zoo claims he saw a Crocodile dropping money in the Sting Ray tank at Australia Zoo

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