The First Tacky Steve Irwin Joke

Only 29 hours after the death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin comes the first tasteless joke:

When a journalist asked what his favourite TV show was as a kid, Steve Irwin couldn’t decide. He said that he liked Thunderbirds, but he’ll always have a place in his heart for Stingray.

Thanks, Richard. What took you so long?

[Update 23 January 2008: Since Steve Irwin jokes are very popular on this website, you might also want to start posting Heath Ledger death jokes. Just as mindlessly tacky.]

14 Replies to “The First Tacky Steve Irwin Joke”

  1. Ah, Jimmy, thanks for your comment, but where do I start…?

    * All-capitals is a bit childish, isn’t it?
    * It’s “their” not “there.
    * Thanks for leaving your email address, but I think you’ll find that the domain part is just “” not “”.

    Another cup of coffee, perhaps?

  2. what’s the difference between steve irwin and princess diana?
    he brought his own camera crew
    why did he have to die?
    khakis dont come with ray bans
    what’s the croc hunter’s favorite bible verse?
    o, death, where is thy sting?

  3. Actually it’s “they’re” as in “they are”.

    Also Hotmail does have other domain extensions now, etc….

  4. Ah Mike, I’m somewhat embarrassed that you’re pointing out my obvious spelling mistake. My head is truly hanging in shame.

    And the thing… that _is_ useful news. I don’t pay much attention to Hotmail myself, but some clients will like to know that. I was kinda getting sick of seeing bounce messages caused by people not being able to type their own email address.

  5. Stilgherrian tried being a smart ass, but then embarassed himself in the process. But anyways,

    Whats the Difference between Steve Irwin and President Bush…. Steve Irwin is dead

  6. oh my soul, u guys are the saddest bunch of loosers. u actuwally busy yourselfs with other peeples spalling mistakes, when u could spend your time visiting “how to get a” ps… did u hear about steve irwin? heard he caught a couple of rays..

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