Most popular posts of 2007

OK, there’s still 2 days to go, but close enough. Here’s a list of the most-read items on this website during 2007.

  1. More Steve Irwin jokes
  2. Danger List demonstrates Drug Hypocrisy
  3. Daylight Saving Chaos
  4. 33 Days of Wiki Inspiration
  5. Brain-Dead Businesses
  6. About Stilgherrian
  7. Vodafone only half-useful
  8. Julie, I want to make you a star (in a Samantha Fox kind of way)
  9. The First Tacky Steve Irwin Joke
  10. Weekly Poll: Who’s the greatest pop band?

I’m disappointed. The continuing interest in stupid Steve Irwin jokes is particularly depressing. There’s only one item in the Top 10 which I’m even vaguely proud of (number 8), and even then that’s a self-indulgent joke.

Numbers 5 and 7 are only there because they catch everyone searching for “Vodaphone”, not realising it’s spelled “Vodafone”. Number 3 is there because Microsoft Entourage has a bug which shows up every time you switch to or from daylight saving, and I posted the actual text of the error message. Lots of people looking for help, but I don’t have the answer.

I’d much prefer to have some of my more thoughtful essays in the list.

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