Google and Bing, sitting in a tree…

This is sweet! Look what happens when you search for the word “search” on the world’s two leading Internet search engines.

Screenshots of Google and Bin searches for "search": click for a closeup

Yes, if you Google for “search” the first result is Bing. And if you Google it on Bing, the first result is Google. Now who said these guys were competitors?

Hat-tip to Derek Jenkins (@ozdj), and doubtless others as the meme spreads.

5 Replies to “Google and Bing, sitting in a tree…”

  1. You said “google it on bing”, that doesnt make sense.

    You should say something like, “if you bing “search” your first result is google.”

  2. @John Carney: Both sites are still exhibiting this behaviour for me. I just checked. My guess is that both sites have such complex global caching mechanisms that different people in different locations see different things — if that’s not too technical for a Friday.

    @James: Um, the “Google it on Bing” thing is a little joke-ette that’s been doing the rounds.

  3. Aye there are some differences between locations/servers.

    We just conducted the experiment here in NH, USA and got from Google: AltaVista (really dude? I just had a flashback from seeing that), DogPile (uhhhh), THEN Bing, then local search results, then Yahoo! trailing a bit behind.

    Googling it on Bing (I see what you did there) resulted in Yahoo! up top, then DogPile, the AltaVista, then, and then Google.

  4. @Giania: This is where people are going to have a real problem adapting to the Age of the Internet. In the Age of Books, the books were the same for everyone. One viewpoint. One Truth. In the post-paper age, well, it’s all multiple viewpoints again. Scary.

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