Internet pranks: a random collection

Fake McDonald's memo: click to embiggen

Following yesterday’s news that a memo claiming McDonald’s deliberately rips off customers was a fake (pictured), I spoke about Internet pranks on ABC Radio 891 Adelaide this morning. I figured you might as well see my notes.

Oh, and the audio is below.

The fake memo was the work of Adelaide-based satirist and prankster David Thorne who, amongst other things, runs the website 27bslash6 as troll-bait and is flogging t-shirts and a book of his pranks called The Internet is a Playground.

Personally, I reckon pranks that just waste people’s time or otherwise annoy them without making any more significant point about society are pretty cheap.

Thorne’s attempt to pay a bill with a drawing of a spider is perhaps amusing, and it’s good that the victim saw the joke. But I put it at the same level as The Chaser bringing a horse into shops. Whereas The Chaser‘s breach of security at APEC, which you can see on video, made an important point about security theatre and social engineering attacks.

Anyway, this is what I discovered while poking around…

A US ABC News story listed their Top 5 Website Hoaxes of All Time, including the original website for The Blair Witch Project, Bonsai Kittens, a Victorian-era robot called Boilerplate and The Yes Men‘s stunning disruption of Dow Chemicals.

The Web site looks pretty convincing at first, but it has no affiliation with Dow Chemical’s real Web site,

Even so, it fooled the BBC in 2004 when an unknowing researcher used the Web site to book an interview with a Dow Chemical executive.

While on-air the “executive” said Dow would finally clean up the toxic chemical plant in Bhopal, India and pay billions in compensation to the victims on the 20-year anniversary of the disaster. Dow Chemical’s stock dropped sharply.

In reality, Dow Chemical does not claim responsibility for the lethal gas that killed at least 8,000 people and poisoned about half a million.

The Dow stunt was pulled off by The Yes Men, a loosely knit group of Internet pranksters who spoof prominent corporations and organisations.

I also stumbled across the Exploding Cactus Spider Hoax, how the story of Jeff Goldblum’s death was created and spread using a “celebrity fake news generator” at, and the Museum of Hoaxes’ list of The Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time.

I suppose I should mention that to check if something’s a hoax or not, Snopes is your friend.

So, which are your favourite Internet hoaxes?

[The radio interview is probably Copyright © 2009 Australian Broadcasting Corporation, but since they don’t archive them I reckon it’s fair enough putting it here provided you just listen to it and I link back to the ABC Adelaide website and encourage you to listen.]

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  1. As hoaxes go, I really love Snopes. The way they’ve produced so much plausible gibberish over the years, making it look like they’re debunking all these news stories, it’s brilliant. Some of their stuff is so believable, like the one that says that Coca Cola doesn’t contain rat poison and President Obama was born in Hawaii rather than in Mumbai — ha! They’ve fooled a lot of people over the years.

    Naaah… I got nuthin’.

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    The Future Fellowship request for “Health Olympic Australia” Research is based on an Australia standard patent application No 2005229753 filed on 2005-11-08 in Title:

    A botanical Composition for aiding optimal Health and Prevention of Illness. Further 2 provisional applications 2008905169 in the Title:

    A Method of Operating a Preventive Enterprise filed on 2008-10-05; and 2008904969 in the Title:

    A botanical composition Prepared as Foods and Drinks to target Illness Prevention and Rehabilitations filed on date 2008-09-24 , and will be file as standard patent later this year.

    The Future Fellowship request for “Health Olympic Australia” Research is also based on 2 years of “The China Study” clinical trial activities in Guangzhou and Zhuhai. The attainable of social positive activities that appreciated by relevant authorization, and the welcomed participation The Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Scholars Science and Technology Convention (December 2006, 2007 and 2008); China National Patent Office “China Patent Week 2008” in nation wide web and show grounds in Guangdong province (2 places) for China intellectuals promotion; It also welcomed to participate the China top 300 inventor’s “China Inventor Forum” held on 27th-30 April, 2009 In an opening ceremony in Great Hall Beijing by China’s top political leaders and cabinet minister.

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    By the way, I must say that I don’t have the tertiary education qualification for ARC application; I did my own research and development works since 1988, qualified inventor with 2 grant patents in Australia international patents 1995. I have my own research From Tasmania Technopark for 5 years (2001-2005), and recently in Zhuhai Technology Park China for two year (2007-2009) during my conducted of “The China Study” clinical trial, and it proved of achieved the benchmark of “The China Study”.

    I got excited from an example with no tertiary education back ground of the ex-Prime Minister Paul Keating who has achieved his highest latitude as the national top leader during the year 1993-1997 with remarkable efforts for Australia people to admiral him whose expression always clean and sharp, deep in his heart I seen at the time when I voted him in his last federal election.

    Here attached the copy letter to The Prime Minister, and An invitation 2009 from APHA for your perusal, and I looking forward to hearing from you soon, thank you.

    Ma Kee Wai
    (Member of the Queensland Inventor Association since 1993)

  5. @Ma sealake: Perhaps I need to say it more clearly. The title of this post is “Internet pranks: a random collection”. As you will see it’s about a list of — goodness me! — pranks and hoaxes on the internet and a subsequent radio interview. Your long comments about the federal election are not relevant here.

    Your comments will now be held for moderation. If they are not on-topic, I will delete them.

  6. I used to think David Thorne was mildly amusing until my son and I won a prize pack on his website, which despite several email contacts, has never been sent.

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