Lessons from tacky Heath Ledger jokes, final edition

It’s nearly a month since I posted my tacky Heath Ledger joke page. What have we learned? Truth be told, not a lot more than I wrote in the Day 1 lessons and the items tagged “heath ledger”.

But let’s look at the total traffic anyway, this time using a graph from Google Analytics which shows visits only visitors to the jokes page.

Graph of one month of Heath Ledger-related traffic

As of just now, there’s been 11,717 page views in total, representing 8,798 unique visitors who stayed on average for 3 mins 44 secs per visit — quite respectable!

Traffic took a couple of days to peak — the first day being fuelled by Google Adwords — with a secondary peak the following week when Ledger’s funeral arrangements hit the news. Google rates the peaks as about 1000 visits a day and even now, a month later, we’re still seeing 60 to 80 visits a day.

As for the jokes themselves, well… to be honest I really don’t want to read them again. Most of them were crap. If you’ve got any astounding sociological observations, feel free to post a comment.

5 Replies to “Lessons from tacky Heath Ledger jokes, final edition”

  1. Too bad that the traffic graph can’t give a breakdown of how many people visited the site because they enjoy Heath Ledger jokes and how many did so in order to vent their righteous indignation, or possibly were looking for something to be righteously indignant about. Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. What’s the difference between Heath Ledger, and Heath Ledger Jokes?

    Heath Ledger jokes will get old.

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