Optus vs Telstra: positive vs negative

There’ll be free wireless Internet access throughout the Sydney CBD by early 2008, says the NSW government — and the reactions from leading telcos Optus and Telstra were chalk and cheese.

Optus: “Optus congratulates the NSW Government on its innovative plans… Optus looks forward to seeing more details of the plans and to participating in the expression of interest process.”

Telstra: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch anymore so it will be interesting to see how it is proposed to be paid for.”

I don’t understand why it’ll take so long to set up a few Wi-Fi access points though.

2 Replies to “Optus vs Telstra: positive vs negative”

  1. Presumably it’ll be paid for by the various law enforcement agencies who’ll find it invaluable. Kinda like DARPA paying to establish the internet, maybe?

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