Unsustainable energy

I admire the ability to clarify complex issues by presenting basic facts clearly and simply. So it was a pleasure to read these notes from the “Sustainable Energy” meeting held at Cambridge University’s famous Cavendish Laboratory on Friday.

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  1. Two thoughts:

    1) The final paragraph is thought-provoking, to say the least.

    2) Whatever happened to those ’80s space studies of lunar H3 and/or microwaves beamed from above?

  2. Yes, that final paragraph:

    bq. … the intimate connection (never discussed in public by UK politicians) between energy supplies and national security. Britain, for example, is now almost totally dependent on Russia for supplies of gas.

    Australia’s better off here, of course. While we import oil, we export natural gas and uranium. And, as I was reminded on the weekend, we’re the world’s biggest exporter of coal.

    As for the microwaves from space, didn’t they die off when they figured out what would happen if that high-energy beam drifted off course into a neighbouring suburb…?

    And I think the lunar colonies kinda died when we realised what an astounding success the Shuttle was. Not.

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