Daft ad campaign is on the sauce

Photo of billboard:

This is a pretty stupid campaign, if you ask me. “Momma’s sauce” is usually thought of as being rich and flavourful, made with love. “Just like mama used to make.” Plus I don’t recall Australians ever spelling it “momma”, and neither does the Macquarie Dictionary.

So apart from telling your customers that your factory-made canned stuff isn’t made with care, you’re also telling them it’s shipped in from New Zealand — hardly the home of Italian culinary skills.

Or are they trying to turn canned spaghetti into an international symbol of youth rebellion?

3 Replies to “Daft ad campaign is on the sauce”

  1. @Richard: Yes, I’d have thought there’d be plenty of healthier alternatives available, even at that low price. But then…

    @quadrapop: In that scenario, it really would be your momma’s spaghetti!

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