If fashion designers made toilets…

Distorted image of human body as seen by a fashion designer

… they’d have to fit the kind of distorted bodies that designers imagine we have (pictured).

My friend and colleague Zern Liew made this image.

The two figures in the middle are typical of fashion design drawings. Designs are based on these oddly proportioned, fantasy, body shapes.

Click though to see what this distorted image would mean for the design of a toilet.

This was all part of a talk he gave high school students on body image as part of the Eating Disorders Foundation of NSW’s annual Youth Forum last year.

2 Replies to “If fashion designers made toilets…”

  1. As my wife said — “Oh, that’s because they are based on the Leonardo shape. As a Visual Artist, I draw from the Bauhaus shape.”

    She then went on to comment that the Leonardo shape, based on filling a circle, is rarely accurate.

    And that is without considering the lack of skeletal muscle in the fashion drawing 🙂


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