Quick! Call the shredders, stat!

Photograph of truck for mobile shredding service, with amber flashing lights!

Nothing wrong with shredders. Nothing wrong with having a shredder in a truck to come visit if you’ve got plenty to shred. But a truck with orange emergency-vehicle lights on top?

I guess it’d come in handy if the race was on. Who’ll get to your office first? The emergency shredder? Or the federal police with a search warrant?

Photographed on Stanmore Road, Enmore, in Sydney the other day. The Volvo is innocent.

8 Replies to “Quick! Call the shredders, stat!”

  1. I had three sulos of confidential waste shredded by a similar service. They like to show you the results through a little window on the side of the shredder. I looked and noticed some shredded metal in amongst the paper. So I asked the operator what I was looking at. He said that he’d accidentally dropped a spanner in the shredder on his previous job.

  2. Who’d have thought that shredders would generate so much interest! Thank you all!

    @Mike Minutillo: You might also enjoy the watch-this-shred videos of industrial-scale shredders from SSI Shredding Systems Inc. Three dishwashers turned into ragged shards in ten seconds.

    @Mat F: Bet you $20 the shredder operator just put some metal fragments in the bin so you’d “accidentally” notice them. Great marketing story. 😉

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