Eurovision for Geeks 2008

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Eurovision for Geeks! After an evolving conversation on Twitter, on Sunday 25 May we’re organizing a night at our local “Irish” pub, Kelly’s On King, Newtown, to watch the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. The delayed broadcast starts 7.30pm Sydney time on SBS TV, so we’ll be avoiding spoilers. We’re probably also organising a live Internet link-up with pubs in other cities — because we can. Details to come later, but is “Eurovision for Geeks” an OK name? Geekvision?

5 Replies to “Eurovision for Geeks 2008”

  1. put me on the door list; however a snarky-platypus and I were discussing whether it is just going to be geeky, or whether we are in the all-out eurotrash mode, and if the latter, is it fancy dress?

    Is fancy dress theme to be based on prior winners or at least entrants, or come in the national dress theme of whoever you are rootin’ to win?

    Is Skank going to sponsor the prizes???

  2. @bernard: No need for a door list, it’s free entry. We’ll promote all the details this week. However it won’t be limited to geeks — more a “Eurovision at the Pub” rather than “Eurovision for Geeks”, and there will be dress-ups. Come as your favourite country — which I assume translates nicely to whoever you’re rootin’ to win. In the US sense for “rooting”, not the Australia.

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