Eurovision at the Pub tonight!

Eurovision 2008 logo

Only hours to go! Eurovision at the Pub is tonight at our local “Irish” pub, Kelly’s On King, 258 King Street, Newtown. The SBS broadcast starts at 7.30pm, but we’ll be there from 5pm or so to, um, ensure sufficient fuel for a long evening of big hair, tacky costumes and dodgy choreography.

There’s a Facebook event page, but even if you don’t use Facebook please RSVP here or to my Twitter stream or somehow. The more confirmed guests, the more free stuff the pub gives us.

I’ll be Twittering the event, as will many others, with the tag #eurovision. If I have enough bandwidth, I’ll also provide an audio commentary via Ustream.

5 Replies to “Eurovision at the Pub tonight!”

  1. @Simon Rumble: With 13 confirmed attendees on Facebook and whoever they’ll be brining, 13 maybes, plus your 6 or more, plus whoever does the last-minute Twitter thing… we’re in for a fun evening!

  2. I rsvp’d i think. Stu is also coming, and we’re brining at least 2 or 3.

    And twitter is now saying “Over Capacity”. Buggerit…

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