Laurel Papworth on 9am

Social networks guru Laurel Papworth was on Channel Ten’s 9am with David and Kim this week. Have a look, ‘cos it’s interesting to see how out of touch mainstream media professionals are in all of this. I write about that in my comment to Laurel’s post.

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  1. Oh I have but it’s a pain in the ass to maintain. Much prefer my Facebook and blogspot blog 🙂 I think we are moving away from domain names towards “little bits everywhere” — as DNW and Fang call Web 3.0.

  2. [One response has been deleted because it referred to the Deleted Comments.]

    @Laurel Papworth: As the old saying goes, if it’s a pain in the arse then you must be doing it wrong. 😉 You could always point to your Blogspot account…

    I sometimes think the “little pieces everywhere” approach only reflects a rapidly-evolving marketplace. 30 years from now, plus or minus 20 years, natural selection will have whittled it down to a few clear ways of doing things and people will choose from amongst them.

    A century ago there were 200 automobile manufacturers in the US. Today there are what? None? 😉

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